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Slam Slam

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good Game

Good Game I Enjoyed it
Graphics : Awsome
Style : Nice
Sound : my speakers broken
Violence : None really except smacking a ball around
Humor : None :P
but some advice you could do for a number 2 you could add more types of bats and maybe a score counter so when you hit it you get a point

vest816 responds:

Aww, sorry about your speakers. But thanks for the good words.

A score counter. Hmm. Well I've already got a scoreboard in the background that displays a lifebar, but hey, giving it some numbers would be a piece of cake.

Now you've inspired me. I can make a counter for total number of hits, total number of pickups gathered, and the final menu I could have more displayed statistics on the player.

I don't really feel for sequels, especially after this one's just submitted. I'll probably just make the tweaks this weekend, then update the file ASAP.

Thanks for the good words, Carl.